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Monday, 04. June 2012

Government Contract Consulting: Being in Business with the Federal Government
By nelsonnigel, 09:45

Don’t you ever get amazed at how certain contractors close million-dollar deals with the government? Have you ever considered the significant role of government contract consulting in what they do?

Maybe you have already considered venturing into a business with the federal government at some point. If you have, then government contract consulting should be in your list of must-haves by the time you start your efforts. It is definitely a factor that you should consider and know more about. By now, you may be one of those small business owners who think that winning that coveted government contract is a nearly impossible thing. But the truth is that small businesses have more edge in getting government contracts.

How It Works

  1. Before you go out there and search for the best government contract consulting company to help you, you should first do your part in winning that government contract. Make sure that you exert efforts in knowing and understanding the rules and regulations in government contracting so that you may not have misunderstandings with the government contract consulting professional that you want to hire. The consultant will help you with more facts that you have to know.
  2. Have the government contract consulting professional explain FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) explained to you. Here, you will completely have a grasp of procurement and what guidelines you should follow once you enter it.
  3. You have to know the roles of the procurement officers. This could be helped by the consultants that will handle your business.
  4. The consultants that you hire will never leave you up to the end of the government contract that you have won. Even the deliveries and payments will be monitored.
  5. Through federal contract consulting, you won’t have to worry about competing with the large corporations over federal contracts. The consultants work with SBA to ensure that small businesses have their equal opportunities in procurement.

The benefits of government contract consulting can be endless once you have explored its potentials. Through this tactic, you will be able to gain the necessary data that you have to be familiar about with regard to procurement. You should learn how to take advantage of the huge window of opportunities set for small business owners like you. Remember that 23% of the federal budget is devoted to small businesses. Make the most of what you have and of what you could still get when you are awarded that federal contract.

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Tuesday, 14. February 2012

The Difficult but Worthwhile Procurement Process
By nelsonnigel, 08:37

The federal government and companies’ acquisition of products and services that goes through bidding best explains procurement process. On the other hand, bidding is where businesses, small or not, compete with each other to win procurement contracts. This involves a series of stages which sellers find difficult, but very fulfilling to work up.

Organizations, which include the federal government, implement the process of procurement to cost-cut their acquisitions and operations. They hire people to work as company buyers. For those businesses that operate worldwide, though, they appoint companies to provide global procurement services for them. This makes things a lot easier, quicker and comfortable for them.

In general, the procurement process begins with the sending of Request for Proposal (RFP) to the potential suppliers. Business owners, soon as they receive this letter, prepare and submit applications. However, any supplier is also given the chance to participate, due to this so-called Request for Tender (RFT). Some companies also accept quotes and the likes even without sending invitation.

Buyers make a thorough review after submitting applications. They first validate the appropriateness of the supplies being offered. Afterwards, they check on the quality, terms and conditions, logistics, schedule of delivery and others. They need to make sure that everything will turn out smoothly; hence, will not affect the business workflow. Of course, selection and awarding of bids come next.

Most entrepreneurs believe that pricing matters in the procurement process. This is somewhat true. If they offer prices for supplies that are a lot lower than the others, they will surely get the attention of buyers. But, this is not a guarantee of being awarded with contract. They also have to make sure that the costs they are presenting are not too low as to raise doubts.

Always remember that those people that work on the procurement department are well versed with their jobs. They can smell tricks such that they can easily detect “low cost, low quality” bids. Sellers must therefore realize that buyers aim for cost-reduction opportunities and cost efficiency instead of dubious or impractical price drops. Why, one may ask? It is primarily because their reputation is at stake.

The key toward becoming successful in the process of procurement is submitting proposals that reflect cost effectiveness. Businesses, particularly the small ones, must be keen on to offer high quality goods and services for reasonable prices. But of course, the most important part of the “negotiation” is that they must be able to formulate cost that is lower than the competitions to be able to readily capture the interest of the procurement officers. Yes, cost reduction is still an important factor after the assessment on cost efficiency.

Some businesses are afraid to go through this procurement process. Even before they try a shot at it, they already find it difficult to do. Well, nobody can blame them, since a few even consider this as a grueling method. However, they have no idea that with this challenge comes profitable government or corporation contracts. With organizations spending billions of money just for acquisition of supplies, entrepreneurs must grab this opportunity to maximize their profitability.

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Monday, 31. October 2011

Operate Business Easily through Global Procurement Services
By nelsonnigel, 07:09

Global operation for any corporation is challenging even for the most adept. You will attend to the needs and issues of your local office but on other offices that operate internationally. Thus, it is important for you to form a competitive team which includes outsourcing to global procurement services.

Global procurement services decreases your worries when you hire them.

If you hire a firm to provide this kind of service, you no longer concern yourself about sourcing suppliers from other countries since they will be the one that will do this job for you. You don’t have to assess the qualifications and capacities of manufacturers as well. They will be the one who will perform inspection on site thus you don’t need to travel and go on-site just to do this. The shipping schedule and arrangements are already taken care of.

With the help of global procurement professionals, you will be able to focus on more important issues.

If you are operating locally, the procurement process is an easy task to do. But this does not work in your case since you operate internationally. This is like running a business within your own business if you don’t hire professionals to do global procurement services for you. Once you have hired professional help, you can then focus on other important processes for your company. The procurement process is a significant aspect for your business venture but it is just one aspect – which means you still have other things to do.

By leaning on to other people, you are designated with less work, but you can expect reduced operational cost.

You may be paying a firm to do the global procurement services for your company, but the amount of money that you will be able save and the minimum effort that you are required to give greatly compensate for it. Instead of attending meetings and appointments to various countries, they are the ones to negotiate for you. They will make offers and counter offers to the suppliers for the good of your company (or else they are not the right fit for the job). These professionals will handle your supplies, will do the purchasing and many more that you so require.

Getting people to work on the procurement services around the world can lead you to the right networks.

Admit that it is not easy to build networks around the world. Let the others do this in the name of your corporation. They will not exist up until now if they do not have the right networks. In fact, companies that offer these types of services are successful because of their connections to the who's who in several industries.  

It is a wise decision to hire professionals to perform the global procurement services for your company. This is because they are highly qualified to do the job and they are equipped with experience. But more importantly, they already have the network. They know the names of the suppliers or manufacturers to transact business with. They are aware of the market prices. They have the proper direction to do the global work for you and your company.

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Tuesday, 27. September 2011

The Best Ways to Secure Corporate Contracts
By nelsonnigel, 18:53

Corporate contracts will surely give entrepreneurs the chance to grow their small business. However, some have already backed out even before they tried participating in the procurement process. This is because they have no confidence at all—or because they have no idea where to start.

Try to find a network that will lead you to their circle

Okay, it is easy to give out proposals to large companies. But did you know that your letter is just like the others? Did you also realize that the people who take responsibility in managing these proposals are too busy to even read all of them? This is why it is a tough luck to try. What you should do then is to find someone who can bring you to where these corporate buyers usually go. It will be a big advantage on your part then if you will be able to meet and talk to them. After a while, you will be given the chance to introduce your business and your proposal to them. Who knows, you may be in for lucrative corporate contracts.  

Offer them the opportunity to reduce on cost

Do not tell them that you are proposing to supply them with this or that item or service. They are used to hearing that from other small business owners. What you should do is to offer them what they look for: reduced cost. You can also promise them more quality supplies and timely delivery. If you have ways to prove these, do so. All these things will give you the chance to winning corporate contracts.

Give them information that they cannot possibly ignore

If you are to submit a company portfolio, make sure that you include the list of the projects that you have completed and the customer testimonials. To make them look more valid, you may write contact details (names, companies, addresses and telephone numbers) opposite these sets of information.

Submit Request for Proposal

If submitting request for proposal, make sure that you have written everything that will give advantage to your small business. However, do not make a mistake of padding some information. This may bring you more harm than good. Also, submit it on time.

If there are calculations made, you have to be sure of their accuracy. You see, what will attract companies to read your proposal is not only about what you offer, but also about the genuineness of your application.

Brainstorm with your team.

This is the common mistake of small business owners. They do their proposals on their own. They plan projects on their own. They justify this attitude by saying that they need to ensure the protection of their business.

But what they forget is that they are not the ones that execute these plans. They also need the help of the whole team; hence, they should be a part of the planning. The entire team can say if these plans are doable or not.

As you hold corporate contracts, your profit will continue to increase. Subsequently, your small business will lead to stability. As it becomes stable, you will be able to provide for your family, as well as your employees to their own respective families. You see, the benefits are endless.

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Tuesday, 20. September 2011

Hiring a Procurement Company: Your Edge
By nelsonnigel, 09:24

To hire or not to hire a procurement company?—this is the question most business owners like you ask. More often than not, your answer will be "not to hire" because you view this as another expenditure for your company. But what you do not realize is that the cost entailed for seeking the services of a procurement company will ensure efficiency; thus, giving high value to your money. It does not only allow you to get rid of the burden that is involved in every procurement activity. It will also offer you things that will work to your advantage of your business. Here are some of them:

  1. It takes the "dirty work" out of your firm.
    The activities involved in the procurement process are too many. Before the requesting department is able to get a rim of bond paper, a procurement staff member makes several calls to ask for quotes. Once received, he or she evaluates all of them then decides on which among the vendor will supply it. Imagine then how many times your procurement team will do this every day to attend to the purchase requests of each employee? This is tedious and time consuming. So get for yourself a procurement company and take this "dirty work" out in the hands of your people. Instead, let them do other important tasks.   
  2. It has the extensive network, local or international, that you currently do not have.
    A procurement company has been in the industry for so long. Locating prospective suppliers, whether locally or internationally, is not a hard task for it. This is because it already has the network that can sufficiently provide names and contact details of the vendors appropriate for your needs. In fact, it can readily tell you which supplier can best address your requirement. Best of all, it can point you directly toward the lowest selling supplier.
  3. It has an experienced team that has already worked for various types of organizations.
    A procurement company has an established procurement team that has worked for different kinds of businesses; hence, it has identified the techniques that will make it easy to negotiate. Because the members are rich with experience, they likewise know the ins and outs of buying for corporations. They make up good traders.
  4. It is easier for you to keep track of your operational expenses.
    Instead of all your departments or branches doing their own procurement activities and reports, you will be able to receive a single report from the procurement firm that you employ. For this reason, it will be simpler for you to read the procurement report, track expenses and analyze if they are within reason.
Before hiring a procurement company, though, make sure that you have met with it and you have laid down all your business goals and expectations. You also have to highly consider its qualifications. In this way, you will be aiming for the same reasons to achieve success.

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